VoYo Lemon

Work continues for VoYo. Finished the second of five covers. Lemon completed.

VoYo Strawberry Pak Snax


The soccer kicker earned the nickname Lemon Adee. From the original rough sketch to the finished digital artwork the concept remained largely the same, save for a few color changes.

VoYo Sketch Lemon

The animal side-kick was dropped during product development. Sorry kitty!

Always Hit the Save Button

One of the fun things about going through your old junk is what you find. And in clearing out an old hard drive I found this.


Back in the days of Macromedia Freehand, the 90s, I began my life as a digital artist. The Fishbowl was originally created for a friend as a birthday gift. It slowly matured into an ongoing series. This is the only piece of this old project I have left. So in rediscovering a part of my past I’m reminded to always preserve the future.

Keep copies of everything!

I remember little about this idea. Sadly, even most of the character names are now lost to the past. So as I moved back into my life as an artist the Fishbowl gains the unique status as my always save reminder.

I think the lobster character was called Shelvish Parsley. Huh, maybe I don’t want to remember everything.

Rise Up!


Though this idea, an animated television show, never got off the ground, Rise Up! was an enjoyable project to work on. Hoping to highlight the skills and achievements of differently-abled children Rise Up! aimed high and created many smiles as we worked our way through the typical hell that is the Hollywood development process.

Somethings never leave the drawing board, but it doesn’t mean they failed. Rise Up! was fun to work on!!


Back to Basics

Well, I’m back! Back to what I should have been doing all along. My first memory is a simple one, drawing an image of a Hanna-Barbera cartoon character. I was 4. Unfortunately my Huckleberry Hound graced the freshly plastered white and orange wallpaper of my mother’s kitchen. It was the 70′s, everyone had hideous wallpaper, shag carpeting and land-yacht on four wheels.

My next memory happens two years later. I’m not sure how mom reacted to my first attempt at art but I’m sure some 70′s discipline was applied to end my hieroglyphic desires. It didn’t work. Because my next memory is being punished for the Yogi Bear likeness drawn on the bathroom wall. Compared to the lime green wallpaper in our guest water closet my roughly scribed Yogi was an improvement. My point? I really needed paper as a child. And since I’ve been drawing cartoons all my life, why stop now?

I’ve worked in corporate America and in countless odd jobs yet nothing has brought me the joy I feel the moment I apply color to a white space. So that’s what I’m doing now, filling in the empty, bland whiteness. And as is the custom of the 21st century I’ll share all I do all over the inter-webs. Please follow along, let me know what you think, and hopefully you might like the colors I create.

Heck now I get paid to draw on the walls. Guess it was just a matter of time.